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Services and Rates

The initial visit includes assessment, consultation, and development of a treatment plan in addition to a one-hour massage.  $70

One Hour Swedish Massage        $70

One Hour Hot Stone Massage     $80

One Hour Deep Tissue                  $80

Salt or Sugar Scrubs                      $45.                                                                               After the scrub, you will then be wrapped in hot towels.                                                 Awesome flavors to mix & match. 

Fresh coconut , chocolate lime, egg whites and Alovera. Beer, coffee, 

Lavender, peppermint, Jasmine, almond cherry, Oatmeal & tee tree .

So much more!!

Core Work with Cupping               $99.                                                                                


Swedish Massages is 101 Massage.  Within a warm, caring environment, essential oils of your choice to restore you and unwind you from a busy day and hectic schedule.  Swedish massage will not only make you feel better physically but also improve your mood.

Hot Stone Massage.  $he perfect music and heat of the stones penetrate deep into the muscles, bringing nutrition that muscles NEED.  Oxygen and blood flow in this one-hour massage making you feel as if you are wrapped in a cocoon.  You will feel like a butterfly, light and free!

Deep Tissue Work.  My deep tissue massage (upper or lower trunk) includes hot stones and deep stretching of the muscles.  Passive stretching on the joints in conjunction with myofascial tissue work will provide the release you need.  Hot Stones begin the session and melt away tightness; restoring oxygen and blood to your tight muscles.  Stones heated to 100 degrees will penetrate the muscles to an inch, inch half deep into the misled.  I find that deep tissue work is ideal for chronic pain, trouble spots and for the person that works out regularly.

Salt/Sugar Scrubs.  An AWESOME experience!!!  I offer homemade; FRESH scrubs made just for you.  The scents are heavenly.  Floral, earthy, fruity, and medicinal scents of your choice alter your mind, soul, and spirit.  Foundational ingredients for your skin are earth friendly, with a luxurious cream for the great finale on your skin.  Some components include Cold Pressed Oils, Aloe Vera, Carrot Seed, Jojoba, Grape Seeds, Avocado. etc..These natural colds pressed oils are high in antioxidants and gives your skin the hydration it needs. 

Each person has close to 600,000 skin cells that fluff off daily for the preparation of new cell growth.  Toxins that our skin comes in contact with  such as water, lotions, soaps... impede the process of cell regeneration.  Scrubs are perfect for this cause. 

Core Massage with Cupping,  Sacrum to Skull, Hips the foundation of the spine. Shoulders foundation for the neck.  I believe in a Healthy Foundation! 

Cupping is an old ancient holistic health treatment. It is also used as a deep tissue, and pain control. 




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